Student accommodation in Turku and in Regensburg (Germany)

Student accommodation in Turku and in Regensburg (Germany)

There are some differences between the student accommodations. I live here in the Retrodorm which is an old building with five floors full of exchange students. Everybody has an own room, approximately 11qm tall. It looks the same in every room, there is the same furniture. In the room is a little bathroom with toilet and sink. One corridor divides one kitchen, one shower room and one wash room. There is also a TV room for every floor. In the kitchen are three fridges, one oven and some cupboards and shelves. There are also two tables with seats. In the shower room are two showers which can be used on time. There is a shower curtain so there can two people can take a shower privately. The wash room contains a washing machine and a dryer. The TV room is equipped with a flat screen- TV, sofas, a cupboard with books and a couch table.

In Regensburg I lived in a shared a quite new flat with two other girls. We had three rooms, kitchen and bathroom. My room was about 20qm tall, the others even bigger.  All the furniture I bought myself and set up the room on how I wanted.

It is a difference to live with two other people or with eleven other people. It starts with the use of the kitchen. Not everybody is cleaning up on time, but it does not matter that much if you are just three people.  In the Retrodorm we have a cleaning lady who is coming twice a week. We did not have it in Regensburg so I had to clean up the flat once a month. Here you only have to clean up your room. At home I did not have to wait for the washing machine or the shower because we agreed and wash for example together. In Turku it could be that at that moment the wash machine or the shower is occupied. From the Retrodorm to my University it is about 25 minutes to walk and about 30 minutes to walk to the city center. There are two bus stops and four bus lines. It is well located I think because in Germany there was just one bus stop and it was not possibly to walk to the university.

I really like the atmosphere in the Retrodorm. The people are very friendly and helpful but of course I will be happy to be back at home.

Here is a photo of my room:

Text and photo: Franziska Stöckner

Study in Finland in comparision with study in Germany

The study in Turku is very different in comparison to my study in Regensburg, Germany. First of all in Regensburg there is a big campus where all faculties takes place, there is one big library and one big Mensa. Here every faculty have it´s own building spread in the whole city. So when you have friends in other faculties you never see them during the school.

The next point is the studying, in Turku there are a lot of assignments during the year and then a final exam at the end of the year. In Regensburg mostly there is only one final exam at the end of the year. That has advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that you can concentrate on this exam and don´t have other tasks to do, a disadvantage is that the exam count to 100 % so if you write a bad exam you fail the course.

The next difference is that here in Turku every teacher talks with you with the first name and you also talk with them with their first name. In Germany you have to talk to the professor with their full name and with the doctorate. So that was very surprising for me at the beginning of my studies.

Here in Turku the most of the students have overalls to show the others what they are study, where they are study and how long they are study (or how many parties they visited). In Germany we do not have such a tradition. I think that is a very nice idea and I will miss all the guys wearing their overalls in Germany.

As well there are also similarities in the study, e.g. the living outside of the school. Here in Turku you can go out mostly every day. That is the same in Regensburg. What we do not have in Regensburg are such good activities for exchange students. In Turku there are so many activities, e.g. the hang around Monday. That would be great if there would be a similar program for the exchange students who will come to Regensburg.


Text and photo: Marion Fischer

Embrace nature in Finland

It is until now, only 2 weeks left before leaving, I start to record my experience in Turku. From a distant and different continent, I was curious about anything when I first came here, the food, the plant, the life style and so on. During the 3-month exploration, I became familiar with local costume and started to like living here. Here are some pictures recording my life here.

I arrived here in August. It is the most beautiful season in Turku in my eye. Apples are ripe and juicy. Local people are hanging out in the litter bar near the Aura river. Little kids are running in the park. One kind and warmhearted family sent me some apples picked up from trees in their yard, which left me deep impression on Finnish family.blog_Xinyu_Sun1 Maybe most of them are shy and reserved as the guide book said, but they are very friendly! They also brought me to the beautiful town called Naantali where I saw first hand how Finnish people entertained during weekend. I picked mushroom here, which is one of some traditional activities here. Other activities, such as sunna, boating, hiking and fishing, were all new to me. Living here gave me a golden opportunities to embrace the nature!



What is more exciting, I am really lucky to live in a natural forest. One afternoon, when I was killing time in the balcony, I saw hot-air ballon flying surrounded by the cute cloud. Another interesting thing is those shoes hanging highly on the tree. Some students even digged out the stories hiding behind it. Guess what? Hanging shoes was a sign for selling drug or a sign for gang site on old days.


Text and photos: Xinyu Sun

Travelling and Get Finternational

Travelling on my free time

It was very inspiring. I visited countries like Sweden, Poland and Spain where I don’t even speak the language. The people was very friendly and helpful. I am totally enjoying my time in Europe.


Vimma event for Get Finternational

I spent a few hours at Vimma where I learned about fabrics and textiles and was tasked to design a shopping bad.  This was soooo much fun. Ì designed a shopping bag “ I LOVE ME” with my very own hand prints. This was a really good event! I wish there were more events like this. It tapped into my creative side.


Text and photo: Janice Grant

How Study Abroad influence my academic and personal life.

I got off on the adventure I always wanted. This trip, studying abroad in Finland, has been the fulfillment of a dream. The chance to study in a foreign country as well as travel around a continent I have never been to before has introduced me to ideas, concepts, places and people I otherwise probably would not have encountered anytime soon.

The courses I studied here introduced me to fields and analytical techniques, some of which are not covered by my course of study back in the Canada. I have learned and developed new perspectives and concepts from this experience.

The future that I hope to pursue is a bit clearer to me. However, I wouldn’t say that I found myself on my trip to Europe.  At most, this all just reminded me of what I already know about myself and gave me new perspectives to view myself. The only cliché thing that I can say about what I’ve gained from this trip is that it did broaden my horizons.

From a practical perspective, I have actually accomplished a lot here. Besides the few credits and the academic knowledge I gained along the way, some of the wishes I have crossed off my bucket list was my next biggest major accomplishment whilst here. I visited Sweden, Spain, and explored cathedrals, museum and night clubs in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am having experiences that I never would have imagined I would have had before. I spent afternoons at the Aboa Ars Nova Museum and the Handicraft Museum in Turku. I visited Turku Cathedral and Castle. I’m having a blast collecting currencies along the way. I have made memories and new friends to last me a life time.

My life has changed.  Now I have all my experiences to cherish and learn from as well as an accomplishment on my resume which demonstrates that I am capable, mature and take the initiative to relocate, adapt to a new environment, and learn from new resources.


Text and photo: Janice Grant