Exploring Finland

This is the second time I’m in Finland right now. The first time I visited my sister (2 years ago), who was studying ‘nursing’ in Salo for 6 months. The first time I was here was really different in comparison with the second time. The first time was in October and was a little bit warmer than it is now, the second time.

I’m happy that I’m back in Finland and that I can see a totally different Finland. Because there’s a lot of snow, ice and really cold weather. I have seen a lot of new, beautiful and different places, during the 1 month I’m here. We visited Helsinki and Tallinn in one weekend, it was really nice. I’ve seen this cities before, but it is so different now with snow! So I’m glad that I had the opportunity to go back to these cities.

After our practicing we took the train to Helsinki, to take the night ferry to Tallinn. Tallinn is a beautiful place in Estonia. It’s like 2,5 hours by ferry from Helsinki. We spend 1 day in the old city of Tallinn and 1 day in Helsinki. In Helsinki we spend most of the time on Suomenlinna. This is a beautiful island near by Helsinki.

During my staying here I’ ve seen a lot of beautiful places. We had a tour through Turku, van_Dijk_Blog 2_picture1were we’ ve seen the cathedral, the river, the shopping center (‘Kauppatori’) and the hospitals were we are doing our internship.
We’ ve also been to Ruissalo, this was so beautiful! The sun was shining so it wasn’t that cold anymore, but the lake was completly frozen. We made some great pictures and walked on the lake. If you’ re in Turku or nearby Turku, go to this place.

Our tutor, from the study, had a suprise for us. We were going to Kaarina. There was an van_Dijk_Blog 2_picture2old castle that they broke down, so now it was a ruin. Behind the ruin was the ocean. It was so beautiful, the ocean was totally frozen and there was a lot of snow. She had some Finnish specialties with her and we had a little picnic. The Finnish specialties were ‘korvapuusti’ (Kind of bread with cinnamon), ‘Joulupiparit’ (also known as ginger bread) and ‘Selja-mehu’ (kind of tea made of flowers).

If you are coming to Turku, there are a lot of beautiful places to see. And they are really different with or without snow! And if you are lucky…you have tutors who takes you to some places you would never come.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

Text and photos: Sofie van Dijk

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