My life in Turku

My days as a student are quite long. I’m doing my internship here for 4 days a week, from tuesday till friday. The alarm clock rings at 6 o’clock, so pretty early to wake up (in my opinion). Most of the days I don’t want to go outside my bed, because it’s cold in my room. But…I have to. After eating my breakfast I make my lunch. So I can take my lunch with me to my clinical placement.
We have different hospitals were we’re doing our practicing. So depending on which hospital I have to be, I will walk or I will take the bus. 2 of the hospitals are nearby and the other is a little bit further away from Retrodorm. When I take the bus I meet up with the other students (also from the Netherlands and doing their practicing here) at the busstation. First we take the bus to ‘Kauppatori’ and then we take the bus to the hospital. After 30 minutes of traveling I’m at the (TYKS)hospital.

Every week we have another department were I’m doing my practicing. So till now I’ve been at the radiation therapy, the MRI and the Emergency Care CT & X-rays.
The days are very different. At the MRI and radiation therapy you have patients during the whole day. When I was at the Emergency Care it was so different. Sometimes the days or a few hours were really busy and sometimes there were only a few patients during the whole day. This is so different in comparison with the Netherlands. Because we get a call when there’s an Emergency and then we need to go to that department. Here is a special group, 24 hours 7 days, who are working here. Sometimes the days are quite boring.

Beside my practicing days I have to work for school, because I have a lot of assignments, presentations, demonstrations and other thing I need to do. I’m also doing two extra courses, ‘Get Finternational’ and ‘Finnish for Exchange Students’. These courses are after worktime on tuesday and wednesday.

So my tuesday and wednesday are quite similar, first I have to work from 8.00 till 15.30 and then I have school from 16.15 till 18.00. These days are quite long and sometimes the lessons are hard to follow. For the ‘Get Finternational’ course I need to do 3 workshops (lectures & workshops), 3 Get Finternational activities (like language classes or writing a blog) and I have to do 2 other activities from ESN (like HAM, Hang Around Mondays).

But that’s not everything I’m doing here 😉 I’m in my last year of my study and I have to make my thesis. So I have to follow, as much as possible, lecture from my own school in the Netherlands (Fontys, Eindhoven). And I have to write my thesis for a part here in Finland. So my days are really busy.

Don’t forget to enjoy your time, have a lot of fun, travel as much as you can and off van_Dijk_Blog 3_picture1course do something for your courses here 🙂
I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!



Text an photo: Sofie van Dijk

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