Student life at Retrodorm

I arrived on the 3th of January, together with my friend Eileen. We spoke to our tutors on facebook. We arranged that they would pick us up from the airport in Turku. When I arrived in Turku I was really excited about the adventure, our room and our tutors. Eileen her suitcase was lost, so OUR TUTORS  waited for us for a long time. Katja and Alexandra are our tutors and they are really NICE .They brought us, by car, to Retrodorm and showed us our rooms. They arranged everything pretty well. They picked up our starting package, mobile phone number (with Finnish number) and they got us bedsheets, because these weren’t in the starting package.

We (Eileen and I) have a double room (shared apartment with two lockable rooms, shared hallway and toilet). The floor we live on has 17 rooms, with one shared kitchen, one shared shower (with 2 showers), one laundry room and a common area.

The first days in Retrodorm were awesome! We had different kind of evenings, like playing poker, movie nights and a lot of different games like ‘ who am I?’ and card games.

It was really nice to have a small group of people, because then you get to know each other. We went with a lot of  friends from Retrodorm to the welcome-party at  ‘Börs’. This was a really great evening, with a lot of fun, dancing and singing!

Retrodorm is a really nice place to live, because there are a lot of different nationalities, van_Dijk_Blog 1_picture1cultures, studies and different kind of people. Everybody is trying to do their best with speaking English, because most people will understand this language.
Everyone has their own habits, only a few people are cooking dinner, some of them only eat rice and some other people are always eating cheese, yoghurt and a bottle of wine.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!



Text and photo: Sofie van Dijk

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