Differences between TUAS and the University of Namibia (UNAM)

I am from the University of Namibia and I would like to share some of the differences between my University and TUAS although there is no much difference, there are some slightly differences.

One of the differences is the days and time range of classes.

At TUAS they spend quite many hours in one contact lesson with the teacher, of about four to six hours. This does not usually happen in my University (I have never attended a lesson more than four hours at the University of Namibia). In my opinion I think this is too much but then again it is a rule. And they normally attend a lesson once a week or in two weeks.

At the University of Namibia (UNAM), the maximum time of attending a contact lesson with the lecturer is 2 hours, which is if it is a double class because normally we have single lessons of only one hour and it can be attended four times a week.

Another difference is that
At TUAS they have a system whereby students can interact with the teacher or other students on the University internet page called “Optima”, thus they mostly do not attend classes but can still learn through the internet and get assignments there and submit assignments also, it is really a good system. This is a system we don’t have at the University of Namibia, so students have to always attend contact lessons with the lecturers. The University of Namibia´s portal only has a space for the lecturers to send assignments and notes to the students but students cannot interact with the lecturer or other students there.

Otherwise, I don’t see much difference in the education system apart from the above mentioned aspects.

Text by: Sara Nyuooma

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