Finland and Turku

Being an African, a Namibian to be specific, travelling to another continent is such an adventure in my life. This is my first time travelling to Europe, Finland. It is a very exciting experience since it got me exposed to various things including culture, the lifestyle and a whole lot of things.

Being an exchange student has always been my dream. one of my lecturer was once an exchange student here in Finland, in Oulu and he has always told us in class how beautiful Finland is and how good it is to be an exchange student as you will get to be exposed to different thing, including the education system, the working environment as I am also doing my work placement, the language, the food etc.

since then I have never stopped bothering him, asking when the applications for the next exchange students program is coming out, I would go to his office almost every beginning of the year just to ask if there will be an exchange program that specific year, and when the opportunity came I applied and my application was successful, thus I consider this exchange as a fulfillment of my dream.

I have experienced quite a number of things in Finland that are not in Namibia, like, the sauna. We don’t have sauna in Namibia and I was very excited to see the sauna, so one day we went ice swimming and to the sauna, it was a very wonderful experience. I was also excited to see the snow because it is not something that we have in Namibia and I was seeing it for the first time.

I have visited varies places in Turku, the cathedral, the Turku castle, the Museum and some night clubs. I have also visited a whole lot of libraries since I am a library and information science student. I have visited the Turku city library and I have done my work placement at the TYY library and the Turku University of Applied sciences (Linnankatu library). I have also visited about three libraries in Helsinki and the white church.

My life has evolved. I can proudly say I have all the experience to cherish and learn from as an accomplishment. My capability to adapt to new environments got me going in Finland. I have gained a lot of knowledge that I am proudly going to share back home.








Text and photo: Sara Nyuooma

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