My day as a student in Finland

Being a student is not as easy as some people may imagine, it is one of the hardest tasks in life and there is no way one can escape it as long as he/she is student.

My day as a student in Finland started off when I first attend the orientation at the beginning of January, which is when I felt that the student life has begun again after a long December holiday. being an exchange student in a country that I have never been to made me very excited and I couldn’t wait to begin with my contact lessons. I wanted to see how they teach in Finland and how different it is to my home university.

Before I know it, I had started with my contact lessons and it was going well. I started with my work placements at the two libraries (TYY library and TUAS –linnankatu library). I have gained a lot of experience at these libraries especially the TUAS library because it is a music library and I have never worked in a music library and we do not have music libraries in Namibia. It was a very exciting experience and knowledge.

I have met a lot of people, other exchange students from different countries around the world and it is a good experience too, learning and getting to know other peoples cultures, languages etc.

I have attended some parties, one of the most interesting parties I have attended was the international dinner party. This was very interesting because I had to meet people from different countries and the typical food in their countries as well. During my free time I had also gone to the ice swimming and the sauna, I liked it because it is not something I do at home. We do not have sauna at home.

I have enjoyed every moment of my stay in Finland.


Text and photo: Sara Nyuooma

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