As a Belgian exchange student in Päivänpaiste

Last year, another Belgian student lived in Päivänpaiste as well and she told us a lot of great things about. So we were reaching out to take off and being here. Before our arrival in Turku we already “met” a few people on Facebook. It was all right and I was no longer nervous to start my Erasmus’ adventure. As we arrived the 3th of February in Päivänpaiste, we met our Turku Facebook friends. What took one day a start on this social medium by a simple talk became in a lot of new friendships and we are already planning to see each other once we all be back in our country.

Our first week in Turku, my friend and me represented Belgium. But after the first week we met two other Belgian students who were living in Päivänpaiste as well. In the meantime we’re almost getting the overhand. At least there is a few people who are already talking about “the” Belgians. So very nice being here and having a part in the Päivänpaiste-crew.


We also met other Belgian students who are living in the Student Village and Retrodorm. It’s feeling very good not being alone as a Belgian in here. We are looking forward to have one day a Belgian dinner/night/meeting… That would be nice! It’s such a good feeling to be connected one another, in our case it’s our nationality giving this connection and I like it.

Last Saturday we’ve had a Belgian Dessert Party in Päivänpaiste. We organized this event because we wanted to show our Erasmus friends something of the customs about deserts from Belgium. Belgian chocolate was one of the things we wanted to present and so we made several Belgian desserts with real Belgian chocolate. It was a real success!

Living as a Belgian exchange student in Päivänpaiste is so nice! Coming in here was until now one of the best thing I’ve ever done, abroad or not abroad!


Text and photo: Elke Hermans

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