Musicality in Finland

In meantime I’m already in Turku for two months and I really don’t have the feeling that I will be here for only 2,5 months left. But like they say “time is flying away when you’re having fun”.

Probably you are wondering why this matches to my title? I will explain it.

The weeks before I would leave my country and took the plane to Finland, I have been playing the piano and flute (as a compensation) because I was convinced that I couldn’t play this for 4 months. But nobody told me that in Finland you can find so many pianos – the one is more in public than the other. In these two months I probably have been playing the piano more than I sometimes could do in Belgium.

Even at the campus at Ruiskatu (TUAS) as at my two placements I could play heartily. In meantime I already have one set day when I go to school and play/practice the piano (and sometimes it’s more than one time a week). Now and then I get some company, but – luckily – it’s not that much (I’m still nervous when someone else is listening to my play, except me).

Like I already said I also “found” pianos at my two placements (they weren’t that good in “seek and hiding”). At this moment I have received a lot of opportunities to play the piano and honestly this has saved me a lot of times. Why? Because I really cannot speak the same languages as the Finnish (clients) and this is my way to Hermans_blog_pic3communicate with them (they are elderly, but also adults and children with mental developmental disorders). The clients and me as well are having fun in it, enjoy the play and it gives rest.

Even I think is not that important anymore that sometimes I play faults at the piano. I think is more important that the clients are enjoying it and having a good time!

So this is another Finnish experience I – unfortunately – will never have again in Belgium. Hopefully I can introduce the pianos somewhere so people will enjoy more the small things.


Text and photo – Elke Hermans

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