My day a day as a student in Turku or in the Finnish system in general is very different from the one that I have in Spain.

Firstly, I have came here with a very special agreement, because in my country I am studying psychology but here I am studying in the faculty of social services in the applied sciences university. Due to that, the methodology of teaching and the contents are very different.

In my country I was very used to be bored at lessons where I had to wriGaria blog 1te down everything the teacher said, spending a lot of hours in the university for something that I could read at home more properly. Once I arrived here I discovered that almost every course did not have almost theory lessons, that this should be read at home and make an essay based on it, and the lessons consisted of planning projects and doing activities related. The first lessons for me were a kind of a shock and I did not how to feel, if to like it or not. After finishing and thinking about them now I can conclude that this way of teaching is much better and that Spain teachers should learn about this methodology, despite I have to recognize that the academic level in my country is a little higher than here.

Another aspect that I love of the university in Finland is that it is designed for loving it, what I mean is that the installations are very comfortable, with very large space or good student cafeterias. You can spend the whole day at university without feeling burned out or tired, or even feeling happy of going. The faculty installations at my home university are not enough for our needs and when I go I always want to leave as soon as possible. The classrooms are small, with very uncomfortable chairs and tables, the food of the cafeteria is full of oil and with not good prizes at all and the students’ library is very noisy.

I am also doing my internship here, in the SOS Children Village of Kaarina. The university looked for it for me due it was a compulsory part of my learning agreement. The first day I did not realize where I was going to do this practice and when I discovered that I was going to work in such an international and famous NGO I felt very happy and satisfied. The tasks I am doing here are very different from the tasks that I did in my internship as a psychologist in Spain due to here I am doing social work activities. Despite that it has been a unique experience and they are providing me a lot of many activities to do, for example yesterday they took me to Helsinki to visit the office there and they also arranged and interview with the psychologists that were working there, so they could inform me about what could I do working as a psychologist in SOS Children Village. The staff was so kind that they even allowed us to do a little sightseeing and I got a very nice impression of the capital of Finland, much better than I expected.

Text and picture: Miss Garcia

Although here I am not studying my career, I am getting a lot of particular experiences that my country could have not given to me and I am sure that my experience in SOS Children Village will be very useful for my future. The time flies and I have decided to stay a few more to enjoy such a unique country like Finland. Keep calm and go in Erasmus!

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