Turku castle

My friend asked me to attend Turku castle with him and his student tutor Pinja. I had wanted to see the city of Turku along with the Finnish culture, so I took him up on the offer.

I was glad I did, we paid the student price with our discount card given to us at the beginning at the semester and continued on into the old castle. It reminded me a bit of a castle we have back home.

A guide tells a story as you walk through, about the middle-ages period in Finland. Throughout the castle are many rooms – some decorated with art and pictures of kings, others with furniture and clothing worn by royals. An enchanting ballroom, church and treasure room, along with models of the original castle structure.

We were told that the building still stands as it did those many years ago. We stopped to wonder what it had been like back then…and then we went off to have some lunch in the café located indoors, proceeded by the gift shop where you can buy anything from post cards to battle armor.

I have also attended other museums while being in Turku, but this was definitely one of my favorites.

Text: Valerie McDermott

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