Arriving and leaving Turku Finland

After almost 6 months of planning it was finally the day to go to Finland. This would be my first time in Scandinavia. I was so excited but also a little bit scareMoreau B3P1 paintd. Two friends of mine already had a semester here in Turku, they told me great stories but still I was nervous for this ‘’new life’’. Me and a friend of mine of my home University arrived together in the middle of the night (with this scary small airplane). Our tutors, two very nice Finnish girls, where at the airport to pick us up.  We only knew them through Facebook, so that already such a warm welcome. They brought us to our apartments at Päivänpaiste, Turku. We had different apartment so we split up and I was ready to meet my new roommates. I forgot in all the excitement that it was already 3am, so I arrived in a quiet, empty apartment. No worries, just go to sleep and see tomorrow. Next day I woke up and tried to decorate my room to feel like home. I note that I needed some new stuff so went with my friend and his roommates to the Ikea to buy some. When I came home I finally met my new roommates. Two girls, one from Korea and the other from Austria, nice to meet you!! The next week I had some introduction of the university and met some nice people, let the fun begin!

From my arriving till now the time rushed away. Already in the first month I had this big group of friends. We went together to Tallinn, Stockholm, Russia, Lapland and Norway and did some amazing stuff in Turku. We had the best parties, great activities and the biggest fun. I never felt alone and had every day so much to do, why was I scared of in the beginning?

Now writing this I only have tree weeks left. When I arrived I thought I was going to miss my life in the Netherlands but now I really don’t want to leave Turku at all any more. Thank you Turku, thank you Finland and thank you new friends, for this amazing time, I will miss you all!

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