Finding food in Turku

I am already for 3 months in Turku and still have some troubles with finding the right shopping for food. It is actually a funny thing here in Finland because the language is so different from other European languages that I know. First I tried to find the product what I always buy in the Netherlands (I am already a student for 4 years there so know pretty well what I need to buy to survive). I didn’t know that it would be so hard and difficult. Every time I come home with my grocery-shopping end tried something what I thought was similar from what I know, there was a big disappointment because it was something totally different. In the beginning I was irritated but after I saw it as something funny. It’s a good way to learn the language, eat some new foods you don’t know and have a nice chat with some finish people in the supermarket when you have to ask something. After 3 months I am still buying sparkling water instead of flat water. Funny part: when you open it, it get all over you because you thought it was flat, hilarious when it happened by somebody else because you know they are having the same ‘’food’’ problem as you. Good tip for some new coming students here. Before you go shopping, search for some good translations for what you want to buy.

Besides doing my shopping only by the Smarket or Lidl, I also go shopping in the shopping malls. There are some really nice malls with good meat and good delicatessens. Of course it is a little bit expensive for students but still very nice to walk around and buy some small things. There is also the market on the square were you can buy veggies, fruit, cheese, fish and other things. I really like to come there, walk around a little and buy some cheap veggies and fruits.

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But my most favourite place is the Kauppahalli (Food-hall). This food hall is located near by the market square. Only walking around makes me so happy. The Food-hall is roofed and there are a lot of different shops and lunch places. One of my favourites is the Vietnamese in the back on the left side. When I have some free time I always go there with my friends for some lovely noodle soup or eat the best spring rolls in town. It is not expensive at all and it is so delicious, I can never stop eating! Beside the good food, the Food-hall it is a perfect place to buy some typical finish stuff. Nice to bring to your home country as a souvenir, I already made my dad addicted to some nice chocolates I bought there. Have fun!

Text and picture: Marly Moreau

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