Finnish culture – the food

Are you a foodie? Fantastic! In Finland you will find quite a variety of foods that you will not encounter anywhere else. I will describe few of my favourites that you can actually take home with you (well, if your flight is short enough)and give some tips how to prepare or present them.

Karjalanpiirakka – Karelian Pasty

karjalanpiirakkaFancy-shaped rye pastry with rice filling is sold in all supermarkets. It is cheap and quite frankly… plain in taste. Traditionally you eat them hot, with egg butter (munavoi – boiled eggs mixed with butter). In my opinion this combination is quite bland – I dare you to pop them in the oven and serve with honey.


Fazer chocolate


Karl Fazer founded the company in 1891 and since then chocolate in blue wrapper has been sold. It is delicious and comes in tens of different flavours including popcorn, peppermint and liqorice (Fazer also produces Dumle – very famous soft caramels in chocolate). What is unusual about Fazer’s products? You may find it in shops around Easter Mignons – nougat in real eggshell – very sweet, very extraordinary.

Everything liquorish











Liquorish is one thing, but Nordic people had taken it to the next level creating Salmiakki – ammonium chloride flavoured liquorice that will sting your tongue. Finnish tastebuds are accustomed to that black, intense in taste, candy. You will find everything containing liquorish and even if you do not like it – you should try it.








How about black porridge? Mämmi is a traditional dish served during Easter. It is pudding-porridge kind of thing, in taste quite similar to slightly sour, wet rye bread. It is made of water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye, seasoned with dark molasses, salt, and dried powdered Seville orange zest. The way to serve it is with milk or cream and sugar.

Text and photos: Adrianna Pakula


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