Typical sweets of Finland

Runebergintorttu: it is a small and round almond cake, filled with raspberry jam and surrounded in the top by a sugar cream ring. This cake has the name of the Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. His wife created a variant of a typical cake from Porvoo, and he was supposed to eat this small cake in his breakfast every day. It is eaten in February in order to commemorate the artist.

Laskiaispulla: This nice cake is one of the most traditional ones in Sweden, Finland and Estonia. It is also known as semla. It is eaten during Lent, and it is specially associated with the first day of Lent (carnival Tuesday). During many years its recipe changed a lot, but nowadays it is made with flour and cardamom, filled of cream and almond paste, and covered with icing sugar. In Finland it is common to fill it by jam and cream as well. Lakiaispulla is eating with the company of a hot milk glass.

Mämmi: it is a traditional Finnish dessert. It is made of water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye, seasoned with dark molasses, salt, and dried powdered Seville orange zest. It preparation takes many hours and days until it is ready. It is eaten with milk or vanilla cream and it is typical from Easter time. It is said that it has been eaten in the southwestern region of Finland, ever since the 13th century.

Karjalanpirakka: this small cake is typical from the region of Carelia. It consists of a rye cortex filled of rice. Sometimes it is usual to add butter and eggs to the top before eating. It can be eaten cold or warm and during all year.


Text and photo: Marta Cadenas Blanco

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