Levi, Lapland – how to make the most of your time there?

Trip to Lapland is always an amazing experience. For some it is childhood dreams-come-true (you finally will meet Santa Claus) for the others it is adventurous trip to unknown Arctic Circle. I want to share what my friends and I did besides the obvious – skiing, husky safari and snowmobiles – to have amazing memories.

Learn about Sami culture


Sami, also known as Lapps or Lapplanders are indigenous people living in arctic area. The museum of Sami culture is situated up the hill, right next to the ski lift and you enter it from hotel’s lobby. Entrance costs 8 EUR for students (remember to bring your uni student card) and off you go to the atmosphere-rich hall with dim lights and tribal music. You will learn there origins and customs of the Sami people. What also caught my attention was display of beautifully photographed Finnish nature.



Meet the reindeer

What I did not mention earlier, is that by the entrance to the museum you can buy a bag of moss. Why would you? Well, at the back of display hall there is exit to the reindeer pen where you can pet and feed them. As long as you wish!









Eat the reindeer

Reindeer meat is red and lean. It tastes very much like beef, but with touch of wild. It is one of these unique to the area foods: tasting reindeer in Lapland – it will not get any more genuine. You can go for single packed reindeer snacks, traditional roasted reindeer with mash potatoes and lingonberry or something less traditional as a reindeer pizza.












Text and photos: Adrianna Pakula



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