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I took this GetFinternationl course to get to know our exchange students and to get new points of view how to teach and learn about different cultures. Overall the course matched my needs, since all the activities engaged us to do team work in teams with people from all around. Team working in international teams wasn’t new to me, but it is always rewarding and fun.

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Different cultures have always been very present in my life and I have grown in a multicultural environment. I have always had neighbours from other nationalities, I have been interested in different cultures and points of view, and I have always loved to travel. I have done my Primary School in an international school and have always had friends and teachers from all over the world. When in High School, I spent an exchange year in Costa Rica, adapted myself in their culture and met some of the most amazing people in my life. All I have learned through these experiences have affected me in a way and have taught me multiple things about different cultures. This is why I don’t feel like I have learned any mind-blowing new features of different cultures during this course. Of course it reminded me once more how wonderfully diverse our world is and how differently people see things.

Pic 7And repetition is never a bad thing. I enjoyed myself on the course, even though the things we were talking about weren’t new to me. I think everyone should take some time for themselves every once in a while and think about their own culture and what it means to them. What is culture, how to define it, what does it mean to different people, how people see different things in life; it is always good to think about it and try putting it to words. Especially for a person like many of us with a multicultural background the topics are so clear that it is even hard to start defining them in words. This course helped me to remind how to do that, and I hope this blog text will now encourage You to do the same.


Text and photos: Jenni Laulajainen

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