Traveling in Finland

One of the things I was most excited about before coming to Finland as an exchange student was traveling. I would visit places like Tallinn, Stockholm or Saint Petersburg, but there was one trip that I was really expecting: Lapland.

So when I arrived to Finland I booked the trip without any second thoughts, and the 3rd of March I took a bus from Helsinki with some friends that would take us to Vasatokka, north of Lapland. We knew that traveling 15 hours in a bus wouldn’t be easy, but we knew it would be worth it. And it was.

On our way we could see how the scenery became whiter, and we couldn’t wait to arrive to our destiny to enjoy the snow and the nature.

And finally we arrived to Vasatokka, a beautiful place surrounded by woods and a big frozen lake.

There we had snow fights, we made snowmen, some sledging… The coldness didn’t matter, we just wanted to enjoy ourselves the time we had there. Swimming in the hole of a frozen lake after sauna was mandatory, and surprisingly we liked it and did it more than once. I never thought I could be so brave!

We did some activities like going to a reindeer farm with Sami people, a husky safari or going to a lovely little village of Norway to swim in the Arctic Ocean, but the thing that everyone was waiting for the whole trip was the northen lights, and we couldn’t leave without seeing them.

The first night we were very sad because it was cloudy and we couldn’t see anything. However, the second night the sky was clear and they were there; we were watching the northen lights!

At first we couldn’t believe our eyes, we were so excited about it that some people even cried.

So I can say without any doubts that Lapland is the best trip I have ever made, and I will never forget it.










Text and photo: Ana Lanseros Tenllado



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