Finland and Turku

Before I came here there were some reasons why I wanted to come and they are.

I love travelling and Finland is the country I wanted to go and I think it is a great opportunity to learn about its culture. I chose Turku, because some colleagues who were there recommended me this place and due to I have already been in Helsinki so I wanted to know other important city.

I want to learn Finnish culture, but I want to live a multicultural experience, because I like to know people from different countries and with different cultures, so I think I will find it in Turku.

I would like to learn how is the nursing there and improve my knowledge about caring for foreigners, because I think I will work abroad.

Also I want to improve my English, and maybe learn some Finnish.

Now I have been in Turku for almost 3 month I think it was the best option, I have been sharing my time with amazing people and I also feel like I have a family here and I will have it around the world.

If I compare Finland with my place I can find several differences but it is not a problem for me because I also like Finland, especially Turku. I think it is due to the people I have met here but anyway I really love it and it is a good place to live.

Several Finnish people have been telling me that the best part of Finland is coming and it is the summer and I am really looking forward for that. But I also love snow and snow sports and that is why I decided to come to Finland because I was thinking there would be more snow and for longer, but anyway mi time here has been amazing.


Text and photo: Antonio Daza Castillo




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