Everyday life in Turku

Since the begining of my arrival I have felt like at home, mostly because I have been sorrounded by amazing people. However, the first month was full of new things, even now I get surprised.

The first days everything was new, the courses, the people and the city. But I got used to them very quickly.

When I arrived everything was covered by snow and I come from Spain so I am not used to that scenery, I was really impressed. That was one of the first thing I had to learn: How to walk by the snow, and what was most difficult, by the slippery ice.

Snow - Copy















The next difficult thing was: Doing the shopping. Even now it is still difficult because I really like to try new things and tipical food from here, but most of the time I don’t know what I am buying, so I am carried along by the package.

 Every day I spent here, it has been enjoyed. The fact that it is my first experience abroad and by my own maybe it has made this place more special. I really like walking by the river, going to the library or doing sauna.

 I used to spend my days with my friends, visiting different bars and coffes, places from the city, like the harbor or the cathedral. I have also been in the castle. I had a lot of free time so I travelled to places like: Lapland, Tallin, Stockholm and St.Petersburg. One of my favourites days was in Ruissalo. The weather was so good and a lot of friends went there to do sauna and barbecue.

Now, my days are quite different from the begining because my clinical placement started three weeks ago. But even if I have to work from seven to three all week, I don’t want to leave Turku and sadly, my flight to go back to Spain is already booked.


Text and photo: Nazaret Muriel Cantillo







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