Everyday life in Turku

The first month of my stay in Turku has already passed *insert sad face*. I’m surprised that time goes so fast! Well, yeah, time flies when you’re having fun I guess. My everyday life is actually quite the same as in Belgium, my home country. Most of my classes start at 8:15, so that means setting an alarm for 6:45. I share my apartment with another girl, so we both want to take a shower in the morning or have enough time to do our make-up and hair. We always have breakfast together, so we have time to talk about what we’re going to do after school and to enjoy our cup of tea. Around 7:45 we have to leave for school. We’re one of the lucky people who can go to school by walking. We can take the bus, but with a good morning walk, we’re ready for a day full of lectures.

After school, we go grab a coffee or we go straight home. Depending on whether we had a warm meal at school or not, we have or don’t have to cook in the evening. On the days we have to prepare something, we go to the supermarket. The biggest and closest supermarket is LIDL. They have almost everything there. So we go grocery shopping for the entire week, we buy meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and so on. It’s really convenient that I don’t live alone because like this we share the costs of food and we can cook together. Most meals are portioned for at least two people and it’s nicer if you can eat a fresh meal every day instead of warming up leftovers. Sometimes we go to a restaurant or order some food.Ploem blog2

In the evening we do our homework. This can be reading a few chapters or completing some task that were given during the classes. One thing that has become a routine is to skype or facetime with friends and family. If there’s a party, we try to get together with our friends at someone’s apartment and then we go all together to that event. So you see, the everyday life in Turku isn’t that different from the one I have in Belgium.

Text & photo: Elise Ploem

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