Traveling in Finland

Since I have already spent one month in Turku I have had some time to explore the city itself and other places. During the first week my friend and I decided to meet someone who had already been in Turku, so he knows the place. We visited the Turku cathedral, walked around the Kauppatori and we went to the old castle. During the second week I went to see St Henry’s church. When I came across some pictures of this church on Pinterest, I immediately knew I wanted to visit this beautiful building.Ploem blog3

In week three my roommate and I decided to go to Åland. This is an island between Finland and Sweden. We took the boat from Turku at 8:15, but in the email it said we had to be at the harbor at least 90 minutes before departure. There we were at 6:45, totally alone in a big waiting hall. The only people walking around were the staff. Around 7:15 people started arriving, so we felt a bit stupid because we could have slept half an hour longer. After a five hour boat trip we arrived in Mariehamn, it’s the capital of Åland. We started walking around and we went to the city. The weather was beautiful, sunny and a little breeze. When we came across a place to play minigolf, we didn’t have to think about it, both of us went straight to the entrance. It wasn’t easy at all but the both of us had a great time. After that it was almost 18 o’clock, so we started walking towards our dinner. We decided to go to Dino’s bar&grill. The food was amazing! We got a big burger with bacon and beef, a lot of French fries and some vegetables. Together with this delicious meal came half a liter of coca cola. It wasn’t the most healthy meal I had but it was worth every single calorie! After dinner we went to our hotel by taking a taxi since there weren’t any busses anymore. The day after we took the boat back home around 14 o’clock. That’s all the travelling I’ve done so far, but there are definitely coming more trips!

Text & picture: Elise Ploem

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