Get Finternational course

When I started to choose the lectures which I wanted to participate here in TUAS, students from my home university, who had already absolved their year abroad in Turku, recommended me to take the Get Finternational course. But what is this couse about? It is about several intercultural workshops and events which you can join to get in contact with other exchange and also Finnish students. Furthermore it should help you to improve your sensibility for intercultural matters.

At the beginning I was pretty sceptical about this course, because I have had some courses with this topic at my home university and they weren´t that helpful for me. But after I had participated in the first events my mind changed. As the variety of topics we could attend to was huge, everyone had the possibility to participate in the events which are most interesting for oneself. I also liked that you could decide when you want to absolve the events on your own. In the mandatory workshops I learned a lot about how I can deal with cultural shocks and how I can get my message through different cultures right. But not only the workshops, also the events were pretty useful. Funny meetings like the blueberry pie baking or TurkuGether made it easy to come in contact with the other exchange students. I made a lot of new friends from many different cultures and I really hope that these friendships will last for a long time. I think not only the knowledge about intercultural matters but also the intercultural friendships can be very important for our future.

Altogether I warmly recommend this course to every exchange student, as you not only obtain some knowledge about intercultural matters, but also get to know people, who are in the same situation as you are, and find some friendships for life.

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