My everyday life in Turku

Brand1I am staying in Turku since August as I’m an exchange Student and studying at the TUAS. At the beginning it was a little rough to deal with all the new surroundings and the different language even if the Finnish people are quite willing to speak English and give a helping hand. Dealing with so many new things – it is good if you find soon people who are in the same situation and have to look up the same things. What bus ticket is needed? How do you get to university? Or where you can buy food?

As Turku is not such a big city the most things are been looked up very soon. The city has a good bus network so most things are quite easy to reach and a monthly bus ticket is the best way to move. In comparison to my home country, here are just three supermarket chains where you can buy food. The K market, the S market and Lidl, as a German I am really used to the last possibility which turns out also as the cheapest. But just to find a supermarket isn’t the end of the problems, I also had to get used to all this new products. For example I really was astonished how much different milk the finnish supermarkets offer and the problem is, as I am not able to speak finish, how to find the right one?

But after a while I get used to all this things and I get also used to deal with all these difficulties. I don´t even consider them as such, but sometimes if I at least expected them I need something specific and I recognize that I am in an alien country and not able to understand the spoken language. Thanks to god that the Finnish people are always so helpful and nice.

Text & picture: Judith Brand


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