Vacation week. Break during semester, great opportunity for some travelling. And something I haven’t experienced before-  in my country there is no such thing.  So, what could I do? My decision was to go for short bike trip, to town named Korpo. Why there? There is nothing extraordinary to see, just regular place somewhere in archipelago. My reason was the name: by word ‘korpo’ in my language’s slang you mean corporation. So, only reason to go there was to send greetings to my older sister from Korpo, just simple word joke, not very complex or smart pun. Weather was right, beautiful and colorful autumn- here I go!

Plan for short trip was simple- around 50 km per day, that makes 3 days on tour. From two existing ways, I chose one going through Naantali and then, with little help from ferries, to Nagu and then to Korpo. Simple way, through many islands and bridges- sightseeing tour!  Plan for today- get to Hanka, where ferry starts, with little luck- sleeping in neighbourhood of Nagu. Backpack filled with some sleeping equipment, food, crappy bike prepared for journey of its life, time to go. Sunny, warm weather and astonishing colours made my trip really beautiful. With every single kilometer roads where more and more empty- after 30 km I was nearly the only user of road- which made my trip more pleasant and safely. Especially, when my tempo was not really high.

My bike has soul. I knew it before and this trip only ensured me in this. Vicious and stubborn, but soul. And it cannot deal with the ‘bike part’ of its existence, which made cycling rather painfull, especially at the end of day. Anyway, its stubbornness work both sides- it made me exhausted, but from the other hand, surprisingly, it did not break down. Or brake at all.

After 4-5 hours of cycling, I get to Hanka’s , let it call, harbor.  Quick look at time table- yay! Ferry should be in 10 minutes! … and half year. Last one was at the beginning of September, now- it is middle of October. Well-made preparation! Changing plans just before leaving and being confident, that every ferry on archipelago works instead of bridge caused little disappointment at the end of that day. Anyway, I found some place to hang my hammock, ate little dinner and went to sleep. Next day was even more beautiful, than previous one. I couldn’t go any further, because Hanka was the end of that road, so my only choice was to move back. Trip was very relaxing, with all those colours and silence broken only by strange noises of my bike. Yes, that was definitely what I was looking for!

Day 67. Still no sign of ferry.

Day 67. Still no sign of ferry.

Well, this is almost the end of this impressive journey. Maybe I didn’t reach my point of destination, but certainly got my main target- to have wonderful time in silence and peace. Thanks to that, I had wonderful mood, which even mistake made by stupidity couldn’t break. Trip was definitely, in some way, successful. Finland is great!

Text & photo: Wojciech Lasota

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