Northern Lights

When I was coming here, I did not expect to see northern lights. In my thoughts Turku was not north enough.  And to be honest- it isn’t north at all, maybe for people from mediterranean  regions. You can imagine my face, when some people told me, that they saw northern lights here, ‘yesterday’. Beginning of September, yeah, surely. Too early, too south, stop fooling me, guys. But then, they showed some pictures- maybe not best quality, taking photos in the night is rather hard, but anyway- aurora borealis was visible. DAMN! Northern lights just over me, and I didn’t see them! For me, a guy who is a huge fan of northern territories, who spend some time during last three summers in arctic, it wasn’t just disappointing. It was painful!

After maybe a week, exactly the same situation happened. Oh no, I won’t miss that for third time. So, weather forecast, aurora forecast- next time I will be prepared. And after few days- alarm. Someone form my floor (5th) saw some green light over city- YES! THIS IS IT! But in the city there is huge light pollution- you can see literally nothing. Fortunately, my friend came here with car- here we go, out of  the city. Some more friends also joined, so with full car we were heading to bridge just outside Naantali- we chose that spot before, no lights, small traffic, quite clear view around- almost perfect. But far. Being very impatient we stopped somewhere in the middle of way, at some field. Lights around were distracting us a little, but the show we saw, was surely unforgettable. Green lines hovering over city, constantly changing its position. Above our heads green and violet lines were dancing- this is the only word I can describe that. Many photos and amusement screams later, we got to the car again and came to our primal spot. Without any lights around, the view could be even more astonishing- but Aurora Borealis as unstable phenomenon, calmed down.  Even though, view of  bridge with green sky in background will remain for long time. Some local guy stopped near to us- he was very surprised, that he saw northern lights in that place (so south) and that time. The fact, that he stopped at the same place ensured us, that this is good spot. Or maybe, he just joined us, seeing, that some group of overenthusiastic youth is walking around bridge, near quite good parking?

Sometimes it is normal, when sky glows green

Sometimes it is normal, when sky glows green

First meeting with northern lights will remain surely unforgettable. Show of nature, similar to nothing. Fantastic conditions, fantastic weather, fantastic company- it couldn’t be better. Another ‘northern’ experience on my ‘to do list’ checked. Finland is great!

Text & photo: Wojciech Lasota

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