Differences Between TUAS and TJUT

Moi! My name is Li Fangyu and I come from China. My university is Tianjin University of Technology. It is located in Tianjin, which is only 100km away from the capital Beijing!
Compared with TUAS, TJUT has only one campus but it is a much bigger one because there are more students.

Li11This is the gate of my university.


I think one big difference between these two universities is the layout.

In TJUT, it has library, sports playground, three canteens, more than 10 teaching buildings and more than 20 student apartments! All things are gathered together in one campus. And in China, almost all the universities provide places for students to live. It is safe and cheap. But it maybe a little bit small. And there are no kitchens in student apartment because some big canteens are cheap and not far. There are hundred kinds of Chinese food that you can choose. It is really delicious and time-saving.

There are also some supermarkets and cafes inside, which are also nice.

For the study, there are also some differences.Li12

In TUAS we almost use email every day to get some information. But in my university we prefer using social networks (like QQ or WeChat) or group chats to tell something important and seldom use email. If you have something to ask teachers, you can directly call them or send SMS to them and they will reply you in time.

During the class, maybe the rules in my university is stricter. If you keep using mobile phones or laptops at class, the teacher may think you are not listening carefully. Then they may ask you to turn off the devices. So you may should listen to the lectures carefully and ask questions. This maybe a little bit different from here. In TUAS we can use any device to study on class and the teacher wouldn’t stop you.Li13

What impressed me most in TUAS classes is that there are many presentations. And we have to comment everyone’s presentation. And at the same time we have a lot of group works to write a thesis and make a final presentation together. In my university, there are less presentations but more writing or memorizing homework. And whatever you are studying you have to memorize many things every day.

During the almost 4 months in TUAS, I feel a really academic atmosphere and everyone pay a lot of attention to their assignments. I am really glad to have this experience of being an exchange student. This semester can be unforgettable in my whole life.

Li14Text & photos: Fangyu Li



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