Differences between TUAS and UPV

Hi! Moi! Hola! I am from Spain and I am studying in the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). There are so many differences between Spanish and Finnish educational system, and also in both universities TUAS and UPV.

At first I have to say that in Spain the education is not free, although there are some scholarships that the students can apply for and although there are public universities (UPV is a public one), students usually have to pay the fees and all the material they need. Moreover there are not special discounts for students usually, so eating in the universities cafes is quite expensive in comparation to TUAS one. TUAS, otherwise, give you most of the material you need, you can print out documents free and there are so many discounts for TUAS students everywhere.

Tuas Sepänkatu Campus

Tuas Sepänkatu Campus

Although in Spain there are universities like TUAS, all the studies of UPV are together in the same campus, and it makes the university very big in comparation to TUAS, whose campuses are separated depending on the studies. My home university, moreover, is a very new university and it is like a small city because of its plenty services: gym, swimming pool, shops, restaurants, banks, hairdresser, health center, etc. In TUAS there are gym, restaurants and cafes also, but if you need to buy some pencils, papers or similar you can’t buy it in the university and there isn’t any hair dresser like in my home university.

About the classes, in TUAS we are doing so many presentations in comparation to UPV, there are less students (smaller classes) and, at least in my career (Industrial Design), there are many independent hours in TUAS that you work or study on your own, and in UPV we have to work and study many independent hours also but there aren’t in the schedules or recognized. About the the teachers, in UPV they don’t help you as much as in TUAS, so you have to carry out your problems on yourself more usually in UPV.

These are some important differences between UPV and TUAS. Although these differences I am happy of having the experiences of both universities, in this way I have found different perspectives and different ways to improve and develop my studies.

Text & photo: Marco Roldan

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