Finland and Turku

After three weeks in Turku, I went with my neighbors to Ruissalo, an island nearby Turku. Our neighbors told us that it was a nice place to visit. We went by bus to the place. There was a lot of snow and the weather was nice. We walked around the island and say how the suns goes under. It was a nice day.Charlotte3

One time, we visited the cathedral. We already made some pictures outside of the cathedral, but we want to see it from inside. We open the door and saw a real wedding, yes a Finnish wedding. It was wonderful to see. After the wedding we could visit the church. It’s a big church with a lot of embellishments. In my opinion it’s an interesting building and it’s on a nice place in Turku.

An another nice place in Turku is the Aura river, especially in the summer. With nice weather it’s nice to sit next to the river and enjoy of the weather. It’s nice when the boat season opens and you can drink something on the many bars on the boats.

I think that Turku is a really nice place during the summer. It’s a town, but there are many nice places where you can find the rest and you can enjoy of the weather. There are many parks where you can walk and sport.

A couple of weeks ago we visited Helsinki. It is easy to take the bus from Turku to Helsinki. We saw many churches and other famous buildings of Helsinki. And of course, we went to the Kauppahalli. Besides that, we visited the Modern Art museum and the Temppeliaukio-church. This is an interesting church which is made inside a rock with a dome of glass and copper.Charlotte4

Text & pictures: Charlotte Huetink

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