My day as an Erasmus student


The worst day of the week.

Monday. Everybody hates Mondays. If you don’t hate it you might be a workaholic or you have some issues. Let me tell you a little bit about the worst day of the week in Turku, Finland. I wake up around 9 am and I wonder how it is possible that in Finland the gravity is stronger than anywhere else in the world. Especially in bed.

I get up because I’m hungry. I have only an hour to prepare breakfast so I end up eating scrambled eggs with toasts, tea and a banana milkshake. I sit and look through the window at the forest covered in snow. This is going to be a rough day, isn’t it? Then I go to the classes, the bus goes every ten minutes so it is impossible to be late. How to live in such world?

Classes are short but interesting, lots of important information so no time to check on Facebook. I am hungry again and it’s lunch time – I go to my favourite cafeteria called Assarin ullakko where at a reasonable price I can eat a very big meal containing meat, few types of vegetables, bread, milk, juice, sauce and other condiments. Good bye slim figure.

Then I walk my Finnish dog-friend Roni as a part time job. Also I can practice some Finnish with him. Well…mostly commands like ‘sit’ but it is something. After one hour it is time to go to yoga classes that I end with going to sauna. Sitting in sauna helps me think so I go back to thinking about the most hated day of the week. If I have survived sleeping a lot, eating a lot, meeting great people and participating in all those interesting classes and activities maybe, just maybe, the rest of the week will be only better?

Text & photo: Kinga Rudnicka

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