Ruissalo Hiking


Views from the hill

I arrived at this wonderful country and city in mid-January. Maybe for finnish people it was the worst time: everything was really snowed and the temperature was really low (about -20º C). However, for me, it was the best date I could ever chose.



I had been only two days in Turku when I joined to the Ruissalo Hiking, organized by the ESN-IAC. All of us met at the center of Turku, in Kauppatori, and took a Fö li bus until the Ruissalo Island (the bus was crowded as you can imagine). There, we started to walk between the small mountains of snow and white trees, enjoying the views of the way, while we were talking and knowing each other more and better.

We arrived at a hill with a small wood tower with stairs. We were able to go to the top and it was quite difficult to stand there because of the cold weather, but the views were undoubtedly worth. Many and many trees covered by the snow, the frozen sea, the sun shining all the snow.

All of my exchange students friends and I were really surprised about everything we were watching, a completely different landscape from our countries (and specially very different from Spain, my country). But not, it wasn’t all!

After that we continued walking and we could appreciate the frozen sea closer. We walked next to the border of the sea, watching all the different islands from Ruissalo, with their beautiful houses and with the ice pieces that were in the sea.


Frozen sea

Finally, we could go and enjoy the sauna and ice swimming, or have dinner in a barbecue, both options letting us to know and talk with more exchange people. A really good end for a wonderful hiking!

Text & pictures: Marco Roldan

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