Rumour has it…

They say that Finns are cold, introvert and even rude. Even though, there’s a grain of truth in every lie but let’s find out what they really are. If you want to know what I have noticed after being in Finland, take a cup of coffee and read.  No, tea isn’t an option. It’s Finland, it’s coffee. Do you want to be keep it real or not?

For me, the Finnish are just like the country they have been born in. At first, you think that it is a cold, gloomy and unfriendly place. Bu then, you realise that you don’t know much about Finland. It is nowhere near as popular as the States, France or pretty much any other well-known country. However, it is mysterious and you’ve decided to come here. Why? Because it doesn’t need any advertisements. Finland is beautiful because it is wild, it is natural and it is mystical. And you may say the same about its citizens. They are not wild, though. Could you please read between the lines? I mean that they don’t need to pretend, to chit chat about the weather so you would consider them nice. They always help, they always care, they always respect. The Finnish just don’t mention it.


Proof? Finns wear reflectors all the time. On their handbags, backpacks and even put them on their puppies’ collars. Because it is safe. It is safe for them as pedestrians but they also respect others. Like car drivers who may struggle with complete darkness on the road. More? Everyone here speaks English. Everyone. Even a very old lady that sells potatoes on the market. Because Finnish is hard and they respect that you may not know it. More? Even if you go to the cafeteria, everything is clean, if a sign says: You are allowed to take 3 pieces of orange, they will take 3 pieces. Because they respect the rules and they take into consideration other people as well as their comfort and their needs. They will not say a word to you but they will never neglect your existence nor well-being.

So if you ever think of Finns as the rude please remember that they are doers. And they have sisu.

Text & photo: Kinga Rudnicka

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