Student life in Turku 3/3

Besides being the tourist and doing internship in the hospital, I also take courses at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The classes I follow are with Finnish students, and are about different health subjects, given in English. Sometimes there are some difference in school then in the Netherlands. The lessons I have are normally a couple of hours a day, so not to long and sometimes I have some days off (I am not complaining about that! ;)). In the Netherlands I had most of the times long days of school and sometimes a day off.

The start of finding the information about the courses was not so easily. The internet program was totally different than in my own school and a lot of things were in Finnish, of course, so it was a little bit hard to find out how it worked.


Another difference between my own school and TUAS is the way you can see your timetable: Here you can find it on the internet, but without the classroom. You can find the classroom number written down on the paper in school. In my own school we can use an app. You can find your timetable and if there are any changes you can see it directly. I think the Finnish way is a little bit old fashioned (but don’t understand me wrong; maybe there are good reasons for it!)

The last difference I noticed is that a lot of Finnish student are using pen and paper to write down thing about the lesson. I am used to use my laptop and almost all my classmates.

There are not a lot of big differences between my school and TUAS, but it is nice to have lessons in another language, with other nationalities and in another environment.

Text & photo: Anne Beens

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