Travelling in Finland

One of the things what I wanted to do during my exchange time here in Finland, was to visit Lapland. And yes, in the beginning of March arrived that time! In the evening left the bus from Turku to the Arctic circle. It was a long night in the bus. The first morning we went to the Snow Castle. It was fun to see the ice sculptures. After that we went to Rovaniemi. There we visit Santa Claus. We went also to the Arctic circle. Then, our travel continued to our final place, Inari. I was really tired of the long travel and went to sleep early.

Charlotte1The next morning, I had a lazy morning. We had only one activity during the evening. In the afternoon we took our sledge and went to a hill. In the evening we had the activity aurora hunting, we had to walk with special snow shoes in the forest. There was a chance to see the wonderful Nordic lights. And we had luck! We saw them for 2 times. It was beautiful.

On Friday we left early Inari to visit Norway. It was a long travel with the bus. During the drive, there was a strong wind and we got stuck for one hour. It was a real experience. Norway was really nice. We did swimming in the Arctic ocean. It was very cold, but probably it’s the only change in my life to do it!

Saturday it was Saami day. We visited a reindeer farm with many reindeers. First, we could feed the reindeers, and they were hungry. After that, we could make a ride in a sledge with reindeers. It was fun.Charlotte2

The last day was on Sunday. First there was a change to do downhill skiing. And I had the honour to give ski lessons. It was really funny to do. In the afternoon we went to the husky farm to make a ride with the huskies. It was one of the best experience ever. Riding through the wonderful snow landscape. Unfortunately, after that, leaves the bus back to Turku…

This was my experience about traveling in Finland;)

Text & photos: Charlotte Huetink

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