Culture Shock

Hi, I am in Turku on an exchange program from Thailand. The culture was a big shock to me at first. Everything is so different. For example here people talk about the weather a lot as general chat as it is always changing. In Thailand it is always hot (20-45 degrees) so we do not talk about the weather. The day I arrived was my first experience of snow which was so beautiful and will live long in my memory.Chalita1

As I am a shy person I always thought I would struggle to make friends here especially as I arrived here late. However I am lucky that people I live with at Retrodorm have been very friendly throughout my stay. They arrange international dinners and movie nights every week. The kitchen has been named ‘The Heart of Our Home’. I really like the home away from home feel.

The student tutor was great help for when I arrived and she helped me settle quickly even though she studies in Salo University but was always there to help me.

The GetFin classes have also been a big help to meet Chalita2new people. My favourite was the blueberry baking class. It was great being able to work with new people while making delicious food, the atmosphere was very relaxed. I also took part in language classes which was interesting. Trying to learn German was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Now nearing the end of my time here I do not feel ready to go home and wish I could have extended the time I am here. Everyone I have met from fellow students and tutors have been amazing and I hope to return to Europe in the near future.

Text & photos: Chalita Maimeetuk

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