Differences between TUAS and my home institution

Since I’m studying Data Communication at TUAS, my main campus was ICT City at Joukahaisenkatu. I was very impressed when I was at ICT for the first time. The building is very big and modern since it’s the newest TUAS campus. My lectures usually have been in quite normal lecture rooms or computer rooms which are quite similar to the rooms at my home university in Germany but at some other events we have been also at the big auditoriums on ground floor. At my university we don’t have such huge auditoriums so it was quite impressing that the lecturer needs even a microphone to be understandable for the last rows. With the very comfortable seats you really feel like in a movie theatre.

For me it was also nice to see that there are some labs for different subjects to have a specialized environment like the Cyber Security Lab or the Game Lab. At my university of course you are allowed to use everything you need but there are only normal computer rooms for common use.Dominik1

The lectures were also quite different from the German ones. At the beginning it was very strange for me to call the teachers by their first name which is normal in Finland. In Germany on the other hand it would be very impolite to do that. We have to be very formally and call teachers by their surname with a title like Mr. or Mrs. even when we know them for a long time. After I was used to that in Finland, I liked it much more than the German way because you don’t have to think a lot about the right formal phrasing for example when writing an e-mail.

In general I think studying at TUAS is more open and you have a better relationship to the teachers because you don’t have that formal distance. On the other hand my German home university is much more organized in some cases because I had a lot of changes of my schedule and sometimes we got important information very late. But still it was a great semester at TUAS and I got to know many people with the same interests like me.

Text & photo: Dominik Czernetzky

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