Everyday life in Turku

Beep…beep…beep the alarm is ringing. Fortunately it is not ringing. It is the next day when i am fully rested. It is good. My parents already told me that i look better now-  more relaxed. So thanks God for my exchange in Finland and a lot of saunas.Aleksandra2

Anyway, I am waking up with a view of the sun rising behind the window. Finally the days are longer so it is more bright now. I am making the breakfast with my flatmate and taking the shower. I have enough time for everything. Every morning i am putting some songs on the speaker so i can make a day more energetic. After prepaaring myself for whole day I can go plan my day and go outside. Everything depends on whether I have to go to college or on the practice, or spend a day at home. But I am not really a home person so i need to go out to see people. Putting on my earphones and stopping the bus I am choosing library. It is so great. Wish i can have one like that in my hometown then all my projects and homeworks will be done in the same day.  With the music still on, just working and making some researches for my physiotherapy studies. And then normally on the same time I am hearing some strange voices from my stomach. It is time for food and there is always a good time for eating. So I am going to the canteen in the city center which is always full with a lot of hungry students. I can choose what I want to eat for today, add salad and fresh bread. Perfect !Aleksandra4

Then I have to exercise a bit. Again the earphones into my ears, bus and I am on my university to keep the good form. After that, swimming pool and sauna with my best friend. My happiness really rises now. To keep shape and good diet we are preparing some salad with chicken after coming back. I am fully exhausted but as always it seems to be productive and good day. Always trying to do something that Ican feel good after all. I am going to bed with hope that there will be no snow again, next day.Aleksandra3

Text & photos: Aleksandra Bakowska


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