I was lucky enough to have my internship within TUAS. I worked with all the international coordinators. They gave me a great insight into how much work is required to help all theChalita3 students that come over each term. I had to help prepare for large numbers of people coming to events within the university campus. It was great to see all the differences from my own university in Thailand. Everyone was really friendly and helped when I did not understand something. Some days they even shared cake with me. I felt great to work with such nice people as well as learning their culture. Each week I worked with different people in different buildings. There were many similarities in the way they work but with just different students.

Some of the work was challenging as some of the work I had to do around people that were only speaking Finnish to each other so I had to guess some things that were going on.Chalita4

The most interesting part was when the student tutors were filming videos for incoming international students for next term. My student tutor was big help to me when I first got here so I know how important the process is.

I would highly recommend doing an internship within the university. It was a great learning experience and everyone was great to work with.

Text & photos: Chalita Maimeetuk

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