Student life

The student life in Turku has a lot to do with culture.

First of all because you got the unique chance to do a lot sightseeing in different cities, getting to know the habitants in those cities.
Secondly because of all the people you meet. It is called Erasmus which means an exchange in Europe but also from other countries all over the world there are people at the TUAS.

On the one hand we figured out a lot of cultural differences but on the other hand as much similiarities from cultures you never expect before.
For me personally it was always a pleasure to find out how different things work in different countries and cultures.

But this is not all: I had 5 months of my life I only spoke english which improves my english a lot. As Business student I formed a perfect basis for my job later on.
Additionally I got a lot of visitors from home during my semester abroad, which makes the time even more amazing.

Hanna1For example the picture which is attached to this blog entry is made with two friends of mine in front of the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral of Helsinki. I enjoyed the time with those visitors from home to show them around and to get a little part of home to Finland for not becoming homesick.

Besides this time TUAS, ESN and other student organizations organized a lot of events for guaranteeing us exchange students the time of our lifes and they definitely succeeded.
From a hiking trip in Ruissalo, to cottage weekends, several trips in Finland and countless parties and cultural events.

In total I could say that I didn’t have one single boring day the last five month and that I would like to express the time in Finland in words here in this blog but it is an impossible task.
Let’s just say: IT WAS FANTASTIC! 🙂

Text & photo: Hanna Beck

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