Hanna2Really good about Finland is that Finland has a really good passenger transport system and you can reach a lot of countries around Finland easily and cheap.

I travelled to Lapland, Estoina – Talinn, Russia – St. Petersburg and Sweden – Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö.
All of the trips were amazing and I couldn’t tell which one was the best.

In Lapland I saw as much snow and experienced cold I didn’t experience my whole life before.
There I build a snow house, went cross-country skiing, went to a reindeer farm, did a husky safari and of course we saw the nothern lights. All of those activities were really highlights I will never forget.

Talinn is a beautiful old city with charme and a lot to see there. We went there with a group with eight people which makes this trip even more special. In sunshine and snow we did a lot of sightseeing, went to beautiful little restaurants and coffee shops to get warm again and on the way back with the ferry we had a great party.

In St. Petersburg we learned probably the most about how to organize trips, it was a lot of organization beforehand which was definitely worth it. We spend five great days doing a lot of sightseeing in this beautiful city. We saw a lot of cathedrals and colourful churches and learned something about the history there. Went to the hermitage, saw how they open the main bridges in the night, did a river cruise in the night, etc. In total it was one of the best city tours I have ever done.

And with the last trip during my semester abroad I fulfilled myself a dream. I travelled through Sweden as backpacker with a friend of mine.

As a resumee I would stay I made experiences in the other countries I could never imagine and I will keep forever in my mind.

Text & photo: Hanna Beck

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