Traveling in Finland

Travel as much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can.

Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.

Destination 1: Finland – Turku

Arriving in Finland in the beginning of January, -28 °C, a lot of snow and ice and the only five hours of sunlight didn’t really make you feel like travelling. And even the new city, people and especially culture lead to the fact that the focus in this month was to find a new place to call your home for the following five months. Only daily trips to Ruissalo with the mandatory Sauna and ice-swimming and to Naantali painted slightly a picture of how wonderful and unique Finnish nature is. Stefanie3

Even in February the time near the heating with a cup of hot tea was way more seductive than further trips.

As it finally got warmer in March (only -5 degree!), we decided for a first trip.

Destination: a weekend trip to Tallinn – Estonia’s capital, beautiful old town with long history. The city is not that big, so one single day for sightseeing might be enough. But a lot of small and unique shops required quite much time to discover.Stefanie4

After the semester was over by the end of April, there was still one month left for travelling and exploring Finland and its neighbour countries.

As none of us has already turned 21 or had a driving license, the possibility to explore the Finnish nature by car was quite small.

So we decided for longer trips to Russia, Riga and Stockholm – exploring totally different cities, doing a lot of sightseeing and experiencing different cultures.

Text & photos: Stefanie Paul

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