My day as a student in Finland

Being an exchange student is not always that easy, and living by your own (I used to live with my parents) could be a challenge at first, luckily this experience has served to me for being more independent and for improving my cooking skills which were terrible, but it´s not only about living by your own, you are in a new strange country and you have to get use to its culture and its manners.

During this semester I’ve had 2 months of practical training (I’m studying nursing), I did my practical training in the cardiac-ward of Turku University hospital ( I remember that the first thinking I though was that it looks like an hotel inside), Finnish sanitary system is really a high level one, I learnt a lot about cardiac diseases and complications and the medicines to use in each case but I have to admit that the language barrier was a problem to have in consideration at first , thanks to being eight hours per day listening finish at the end I was able to communicate with the patients with basic phrases and expressions.

During the practical training period I was able to presence live cardiopulmonary resuscitations (CPR), two shoulders surgeries and being part of the sanitary team, everyone was so nice in the cardiac ward and I only have grateful words for their teachings and patient.

To sum up I felt so good for being able to help all those people in their recovering, even if the nursing work is a bit different from my country I has been a good way for increasing my experience and skills.


Writtin by: Angela Núñez Serrano


As a nature lover, Finland is a paradise for me, I truly find nature tourism more interesting and inspirational than just visiting a city.

The better part of Finland is that you don’t need to go that far for being in the middle of a forest, living in Turku has given me the opportunity to find and explore unforgeable landscapes like Ruissalo, when it was not as cold I used to go with my friends every week just for a walk, It was the best way to enjoy the changing seasons colours, the environment, and it felts so great being in a total free-pollution space , one of my favourite places here without any doubt!


If you live in Turku, Naantali is a mandatory stop, where you could find Moomin world, the moomin’s park it’s perfectly integrated into the nature and you have the sensation of being walling through a fairy-tale.

I’ve also visited Tampare , Rauma and urjenrahka National park , I have to say that the cities by itself didn´t impress me that much, but I will never forget the views in Pyhäjärvi, the water acted like a perfect mirror that reflects everything with strongest an deeper colours, it was outstanding.


Urjenrahka National Park is an otherworldly place where you can make long walks around the lake and see the wonderful landscapes. According to where you are, you can have a different view of the park, it is really impressive.

I feel so grateful for having the chance of visiting this places, in each of those visit I felt the beauty and the calm of finish nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better´´

Written by : Angela Núñez Serrano




 I´ve always had a kind of fascination for the culture and the nature of Nordic countries, so when I saw Turku between my Erasmus’ options I really didn´t have second thoughts about it, life is a continuous challenging and a constant race of learning and experience, so I believe that going out your “comfort zone´´ in such a drastic way as living in a different country and learning its culture is something everyone needs to do at least once in life.

Furthermore, as a nursing student I was really interesting in checking by myself the famous “learning method´´ here in Finland which is known for having the best Education in the world and of course for improving my sanitary knowledge and skills, I also was interested in having my practical training in a finish hospital and in being able to compare it with my country Sanitary system.

Living in Turku is quite easy , is a little comfortable city that has everything you could need, even if at the first weeks the cultural differences still shocks you a little bit,  for example for me, I remember finding everything extremely calm , but once you get used to it , you end loving the constant silence. Another problem that I had and( I’m still having) is with the lunch and dinner timetable , it´s quite shocking for someone who is used to have lunch at 14:30 to start eating at 11:00 and the same with the dinner , but this differences only make the experience richer.

Let’s talk about the cold, one of the first things that are in our minds when we think about Finland, and the most feared one, I have to admit that the first weeks the cold was really a problem for me but now I feel that is not the big deal that it used to be, it´s perfectly bearable, Finland makes all its guests strongest I think, and being able to see snow, real heavy snow, it has been a wonderful present for me.


Now that I’ve been in Turku for almost four months, I only have grateful words for this country, it´s impossible not falling in love with its nature, its language and with the multicultural experience itself, here I´ve made friends from different nationalities, improved y English and even learned a bit of finish, so definitely Finland, thank you for everything and I hope to visit your be here once again, Kiitos!


Written by : Angela Núñez Serrano

Lets eat ;)

Food, Fun, Finland


Student time is the most amazing time of a person’s life. No responsibilities, No boundries to explore and learn and no pressure (well apart from school assignments). The ease with you make plans with your friends, or hangout, have fun at parties like there is no tommorow etc. You wil
l only get to realise it once you enter the practical phase of your life that what a blessing your student life was.

Well coming to the story, me and my friends planned a group dinner where everyone would bring a dish from their culture/country. We booked the common room in the student village for the event so its easier for everyone because most of us live in student village or nearby.

The weekend arrived and I made “Aloo qeema” a traditional Salan (dish) in south-asian sub-continent and arrived at the venue. In a short while everyone else arrived with their specialities and the delicious smell of mouth-watering food made it impossible to wait. From Chicken Tikka Karahi to couscous, Cheese bread to Iceberg rolls, Cheese balls to chilli cheese bites there was everything we couldve asked for. The dinner started and everyone tasted specialities of other countries and thouroughly enjoyed.

In deserts there was strawberry cheese cake, blue berry pie and most importantly a huge 3-story delicious cake that one of my friend (who is an expert at baking) made for one of our friend who was in Turku for Erasmus and was leaving in a few days. Our friend “Max” from poland became emotional on all this arrangement thanked everyone for this wonderfull gathering and event saying, “I will not forget you people and will always hold a special place in my heart.”

All of us went out to a pub later and had a fun time. Internationalizing is such a unique and wonderful expereince and irrelitive all the bounderies, races, languages and cultures creates a sense that no matter where we come from or who we are, in the end WE ARE ONE.

Get Finternational!! A day out in Littoistenjärvi

A day out in Littoistenjärvi

I am a Bachelors student in TUAS and I have been living in Turku for a couple of years now but at the end of this summer in September me and my friends for a day and evening out in Littoistenjärvi to have one of the last summer experiences of this year.

Littoistenjärvi is a Lake in Littoisten village of Kaarina. It is situated on the border of Kaarina and Lieto Municipalities. The lake has an average depth of about 2 meters and is upto 3 meters deep. It is refreshing sight not very far from the city of Turku and you can easily reach there with the help of bus number 60 from the city centre and a little bit of walk.

I didn’t knew about this place before so I was really exicited to go there. I went with around 10 of my friends and the plan was to just relax, have a snacks party and play some musical instruments and have a pleasant time. We reached at almost mid-day and first took a tour of the accessible area of the lake. The lake is open for families from the Kaarina side while the Lieto side of the lake is covered by forests. The access of motor vehicles is prohibted all year long so the the environment around the lake is quite peaceful. The lake has two small islands and a islet which makes it even more worth visiting.

The lake is a thing of beauty so obviously photography was a must. We took some individual and group photos around the lake. Then the snack party began and one of my friends started playing Guitar. The expereince was really soothing and enjoyable. We stayed there till the evening and then left for home but undoutably that was one of my most pleasant experiences in Finland.

Finland may not be one of the most buzzing and crowded country but when it comes to nature and beautiful sights there are a few countries like it so let’s hope all of you enjoy being here as much as you can and make this stay a delightful memory to cherish for life.

Written by: Haris Jehangir