TUAS Gaming battle 

Our life is a made up of big and small wonderful experiences and the student life in Finland is just one of the examples. The student life offers you so many amazing and unforgettable experiences that stay with you. Those experiences are not only in the form of studies, lectures or school stuff but also the extra-curricular activities that you do, sport tournaments and other fun events that you attend and enjoy with your friends.

The student life in Finland is definitley one of the best ongoing experience for me. I had an amazing time and and I will continue to cherish every opportunity that I get in the future. Recently some students on behalf of TUAS organized a Gaming competition named “TUAS Gaming Battle” for the students of TUAS specifically but the students of other universities could join after paying an entrance fee. Now who doesn’t like gaming? If you are an IT student and have a little bit intrest in game design or gaming in general that this event was the best attraction for them and luckily ICT is full of such gaming Enthusiast.

I couldn’t wait for the event when I heard about it. The arrangments were made quite nicely with atleast 5 different screen connected to a PS4, a PS3, an XBOX 360 and 2 PC’s. The Games bieng played in the contest were FIFA 17, Mortal Kombat, Need for speed, Call of duty and Tekken Tag 2. A football crazy fan like me surely started with FIFA 17 and after quite a few knockout rounds, reached the Final and won it by a good aggregate. 

Meanwhile in other games I couldn’t do very well because there were really good player playing them while my only strength was FIFA. The event continued for almost 8 hours. The eyes and mind were tired but the fun was never ending. At the end all the winners, including me, recived a gift from the organizers. Bieng a FIFA Champ I was really happy and it went down as one of the best gaming expereince of my life.

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