Get Finternational!! A day out in Littoistenjärvi

A day out in Littoistenjärvi

I am a Bachelors student in TUAS and I have been living in Turku for a couple of years now but at the end of this summer in September me and my friends for a day and evening out in Littoistenjärvi to have one of the last summer experiences of this year.

Littoistenjärvi is a Lake in Littoisten village of Kaarina. It is situated on the border of Kaarina and Lieto Municipalities. The lake has an average depth of about 2 meters and is upto 3 meters deep. It is refreshing sight not very far from the city of Turku and you can easily reach there with the help of bus number 60 from the city centre and a little bit of walk.

I didn’t knew about this place before so I was really exicited to go there. I went with around 10 of my friends and the plan was to just relax, have a snacks party and play some musical instruments and have a pleasant time. We reached at almost mid-day and first took a tour of the accessible area of the lake. The lake is open for families from the Kaarina side while the Lieto side of the lake is covered by forests. The access of motor vehicles is prohibted all year long so the the environment around the lake is quite peaceful. The lake has two small islands and a islet which makes it even more worth visiting.

The lake is a thing of beauty so obviously photography was a must. We took some individual and group photos around the lake. Then the snack party began and one of my friends started playing Guitar. The expereince was really soothing and enjoyable. We stayed there till the evening and then left for home but undoutably that was one of my most pleasant experiences in Finland.

Finland may not be one of the most buzzing and crowded country but when it comes to nature and beautiful sights there are a few countries like it so let’s hope all of you enjoy being here as much as you can and make this stay a delightful memory to cherish for life.

Written by: Haris Jehangir

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