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Student time is the most amazing time of a person’s life. No responsibilities, No boundries to explore and learn and no pressure (well apart from school assignments). The ease with you make plans with your friends, or hangout, have fun at parties like there is no tommorow etc. You wil
l only get to realise it once you enter the practical phase of your life that what a blessing your student life was.

Well coming to the story, me and my friends planned a group dinner where everyone would bring a dish from their culture/country. We booked the common room in the student village for the event so its easier for everyone because most of us live in student village or nearby.

The weekend arrived and I made “Aloo qeema” a traditional Salan (dish) in south-asian sub-continent and arrived at the venue. In a short while everyone else arrived with their specialities and the delicious smell of mouth-watering food made it impossible to wait. From Chicken Tikka Karahi to couscous, Cheese bread to Iceberg rolls, Cheese balls to chilli cheese bites there was everything we couldve asked for. The dinner started and everyone tasted specialities of other countries and thouroughly enjoyed.

In deserts there was strawberry cheese cake, blue berry pie and most importantly a huge 3-story delicious cake that one of my friend (who is an expert at baking) made for one of our friend who was in Turku for Erasmus and was leaving in a few days. Our friend “Max” from poland became emotional on all this arrangement thanked everyone for this wonderfull gathering and event saying, “I will not forget you people and will always hold a special place in my heart.”

All of us went out to a pub later and had a fun time. Internationalizing is such a unique and wonderful expereince and irrelitive all the bounderies, races, languages and cultures creates a sense that no matter where we come from or who we are, in the end WE ARE ONE.

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