I´ve always had a kind of fascination for the culture and the nature of Nordic countries, so when I saw Turku between my Erasmus’ options I really didn´t have second thoughts about it, life is a continuous challenging and a constant race of learning and experience, so I believe that going out your “comfort zone´´ in such a drastic way as living in a different country and learning its culture is something everyone needs to do at least once in life.

Furthermore, as a nursing student I was really interesting in checking by myself the famous “learning method´´ here in Finland which is known for having the best Education in the world and of course for improving my sanitary knowledge and skills, I also was interested in having my practical training in a finish hospital and in being able to compare it with my country Sanitary system.

Living in Turku is quite easy , is a little comfortable city that has everything you could need, even if at the first weeks the cultural differences still shocks you a little bit,  for example for me, I remember finding everything extremely calm , but once you get used to it , you end loving the constant silence. Another problem that I had and( I’m still having) is with the lunch and dinner timetable , it´s quite shocking for someone who is used to have lunch at 14:30 to start eating at 11:00 and the same with the dinner , but this differences only make the experience richer.

Let’s talk about the cold, one of the first things that are in our minds when we think about Finland, and the most feared one, I have to admit that the first weeks the cold was really a problem for me but now I feel that is not the big deal that it used to be, it´s perfectly bearable, Finland makes all its guests strongest I think, and being able to see snow, real heavy snow, it has been a wonderful present for me.


Now that I’ve been in Turku for almost four months, I only have grateful words for this country, it´s impossible not falling in love with its nature, its language and with the multicultural experience itself, here I´ve made friends from different nationalities, improved y English and even learned a bit of finish, so definitely Finland, thank you for everything and I hope to visit your be here once again, Kiitos!


Written by : Angela Núñez Serrano

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