As a nature lover, Finland is a paradise for me, I truly find nature tourism more interesting and inspirational than just visiting a city.

The better part of Finland is that you don’t need to go that far for being in the middle of a forest, living in Turku has given me the opportunity to find and explore unforgeable landscapes like Ruissalo, when it was not as cold I used to go with my friends every week just for a walk, It was the best way to enjoy the changing seasons colours, the environment, and it felts so great being in a total free-pollution space , one of my favourite places here without any doubt!


If you live in Turku, Naantali is a mandatory stop, where you could find Moomin world, the moomin’s park it’s perfectly integrated into the nature and you have the sensation of being walling through a fairy-tale.

I’ve also visited Tampare , Rauma and urjenrahka National park , I have to say that the cities by itself didn´t impress me that much, but I will never forget the views in Pyhäjärvi, the water acted like a perfect mirror that reflects everything with strongest an deeper colours, it was outstanding.


Urjenrahka National Park is an otherworldly place where you can make long walks around the lake and see the wonderful landscapes. According to where you are, you can have a different view of the park, it is really impressive.

I feel so grateful for having the chance of visiting this places, in each of those visit I felt the beauty and the calm of finish nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better´´

Written by : Angela Núñez Serrano



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