My day as a student in Finland

Being an exchange student is not always that easy, and living by your own (I used to live with my parents) could be a challenge at first, luckily this experience has served to me for being more independent and for improving my cooking skills which were terrible, but it´s not only about living by your own, you are in a new strange country and you have to get use to its culture and its manners.

During this semester I’ve had 2 months of practical training (I’m studying nursing), I did my practical training in the cardiac-ward of Turku University hospital ( I remember that the first thinking I though was that it looks like an hotel inside), Finnish sanitary system is really a high level one, I learnt a lot about cardiac diseases and complications and the medicines to use in each case but I have to admit that the language barrier was a problem to have in consideration at first , thanks to being eight hours per day listening finish at the end I was able to communicate with the patients with basic phrases and expressions.

During the practical training period I was able to presence live cardiopulmonary resuscitations (CPR), two shoulders surgeries and being part of the sanitary team, everyone was so nice in the cardiac ward and I only have grateful words for their teachings and patient.

To sum up I felt so good for being able to help all those people in their recovering, even if the nursing work is a bit different from my country I has been a good way for increasing my experience and skills.


Writtin by: Angela Núñez Serrano

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