Student life in Turku

Arrival and beginning

So, arriving in Turku and being completely without plan, the best thing there can be is a tutor that becomes a friend even before the arrival via chat, then picks you up at the airport and shows you how the new city works. Here a photo of him and his girlfriend visiting me 😀 thanks to you two!

I was in Turku very early and first on a hostel on an old ship which was a bit dark, but provided sunsets which I can just compare with the most beautiful I have seen. And that almost daily, which was the most confusing, since I just knew them as rare surprises.


So, as it normally is, everything is a bit chaotic when arriving at a new university and everyone has to figure out how things work. According to my experience everything has to get into the new rhythm of university time, but in the “Turku University of Applied Sciences”, where I study, the first lessons were surprisingly structured and gave informative input which really helped me finding my way into their system and management.

On the other hand, though, be prepared for a maybe very new system here. Sometimes you get tasks every week, but mostly you will have to motivate and discipline yourself to get the work done which is really an individual thing. But don’t give up too fast! I learned a lot from doing my own things here while getting minimal input, your own interests can be the stone here, on w
hich you can found further experience.


Written by –  Till Pohland

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