So it begins


Being in Turku is nice, but the northern side of the Baltic Sea has also a lot more to experience. And it does not have to be one of the capitals. We rented a car with three people and drove through the lake plate of Finland, living in cottages and apartments that we found.

The first one was a cottage located in a big forest, as there is an uncountable amount of in Finland, hidden at the end of a long mossy path and directly at a lake. We even found a small paddleboat and after being amazed long enough by the interior of the cottage, we set sails and paddled to the middle of the lake to a little vacuum of silence in midst a circle of cottages, shined on by the setting sun.

Until we detected the small hole in the boat that slowly filled it with water… And after some parking maneuvers and fights with the jetty, we could enjoy the warmth of a preheated home, an experimental meal and finally, the sauna we had been waiting for!

To give a little tip to everyone that didn’t yet ran down a small hill and jumped into a lake full of algae, wear flip-flops! It is this fantastic sauna feeling of being able to wander around naked with a temperature of minus degrees Celsius, but the feet feel like the pipe where all the warmth flees from your body. Flip-flops are the saviors in your preferred color.

So, if you have flip-flops on, walking through the fresh air outside, counting the stars and trying not to be scared of the friggin’ monster below the jetty, where it’s algae arms look out from, so jumping in and it resulting in the best thing you could have done, the sauna is absolutely amazing.

We actually also found a dartboard to try our skills.

During the following dayswe found our way to a lot of things that are all signed out as cultural sites right at the big streets, awesome for tourism by car. A castle, an old fort, a tower to see an amazing view from and our goal, the Ukko-Koli, one of the small mountains of Finland, from which we could see a giant lake with a lot of different islands in. Ukko means grandfather and he is also one of the old Finish gods, the god of the sky (and a bit more). And from Ukko-Koli I could understand why they named the mountain after him

Written by : Till Pohland

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